Train the Trainer (T3)


— Create a highly interactive, student-centered training model for the U.S. Army, that includes blended teaching methods, such as online and face-to-face instruction, to create a better learning environment.

— Train trainers on applying appropriate technology and provide content-rich lessons for trainer development.

— Additionally, transfer existing and new content from Blackboard LMS to Moodle LMS, and design a mobile phone glossary app with key definitions, videos, and appropriate documents.

Resources Mobilized

ACGE assembled a team of Instructional Designers, pedagogical experts, graphic designers, and programmers to design and create custom solutions for the U.S. Army’s training division.


— ACGE built an instructional competency course to train the U.S. Army’s trainers in effectively applying new content and teaching strategies. The course was built around the metaphor of a marathon to teach six critical competencies, such as experiential learning methods, coaching/mentoring, and student collaboration.

— ACGE incorporated cutting-edge learning theory delivered through experiential learning strategies, including the use of gamification strategies, problem-based learning activities tied to the marathon game, custom video segments, learning challenges, tasks, and assessment.

— ACGE developed a customized Moodle LMS to engage users, facilitate navigation and student participation. Trained staff in adding content and using the new LMS framework.

— ACGE developed and launched a Glossary App (designed for both IOS and Android mobile devices) which features a searchable glossary with 250 definitions of key instructional terms and nine animated videos on critical instructional concepts.

Instructional Design, Training