Every Deployment a Global Engagement (EDGE) Culture Courses


Create engaging, interactive country-specific course modules that will provide U.S. Navy Sailors a basic understanding of the country’s culture and people, including history, social customs, and religious influences, as well as provide senior officers with a basic country-specific guide to professional etiquette.

Resources Mobilized

ACGE hand-picked a team of project managers, researchers, designers, and developers to create a custom solution for the U.S. Navy’s Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC). ACGE engaged country-specific Subject Matter Experts from universities such as Cornell, Brigham Young University, University of Oklahoma, Dartmouth, and Columbia, among others, who specialize in culture and teaching culture to evaluate and provide insight for each course.


ACGE delivered creative country-specific learning packages that included an interactive e-learning course, informative culture cards, and course videos for Sailors and a one-page professional etiquette guide for senior naval officers. Each course utilized creative graphics, interactive exercises, and learning assessments to engage the Sailors with the course content and provide cultural awareness.

EDGE Course Samples

Cultural Awareness, Instructional Design, Language, Training