Cultural Orientation Training (COT) Courses


Create engaging, country-specific introductory courses that will provide U.S. Navy Sailors a basic understanding of the country’s culture and people, including its history, social customs, and religious influences. Additionally, provide both printable and mobile versions of a cultural information card for each nation as well as a basic country-specific guide to professional etiquette for senior officers.

Resources Mobilized

ACGE hand-picked a team of project managers, researchers, writers, and designers to create a custom solution for the U.S. Navy’s Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC). Our team completed extensive research in order to validate government furnished information and provide quality cultural material for each course. We also designed a course template that optimized production while also ensuring learning and enabling objectives were always fulfilled.


ACGE delivered 48 creative country-specific learning packages that included professionally narrated course videos, informative culture cards, self-guided PowerPoint presentations, and professional etiquette guides for senior naval officers. Each course utilized creatively designed regional maps, country-specific images, and animated slides to engage the Sailors with the course content and provide cultural awareness.

COT Course Samples

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