Afghanistan Culture Modules


Create a compelling program to teach U.S. Army Soldiers about the Afghan culture and people prior to deployment to Afghanistan, as well as provide a more in-depth Afghan cultural training for officers.

Resources Mobilized

ACGE partnered with prestigious academic colleagues at the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha to create a custom solution that would be compatible with the Army’s Learning Management System.


ACGE created a three-module e-learning series that employed images, audio, video, expert testimony, text, and quizzes to provide an immersive experience for each learner.

Culture Module 1 – A four-hour course that incorporated a high-level overview of Afghanistan and promoted an understanding of customs, habits, and a general political profile of the country.

Culture Module 2 – A second course that offered a more comprehensive overview of the history, tribal organization, and cross-cultural political influences that shape interactions with Afghans.

Culture Module 3 – A detailed 30-hour course designed for in-depth study of Afghanistan by Company Grade Officers, Warrant Officers, and noncommissioned officers. It provided knowledge of national and provincial tribal affiliations of each region in Afghanistan and highlighted political parties, religious leaders, and other persons of influence.

Cultural Awareness, Instructional Design, Language