Instructional Competencies Project

ACGE designed for the U.S. Army's Training division an innovative, media and technology-mediated approach to teaching instructional competencies. These new train-the trainer courses were developed using pedagogically sound curriculum based upon professionally recognized learning theory. As part of the project, ACGE provided professional analysis of the current practices, techniques, breadth of course content, and range of delivery requirements now in use to train the client's students.

ACGE delivered an integrated learning package consisting of five modules, each of which was no more than 40 hours in length. The courses were designed and developed using the most effective delivery strategy (online, face-to-face, and/or blended learning solutions). The modules were designed to fully engage students in their own learning through smart use of social media/networking tools, while, at the same time, giving instructors the option to select the delivery system which best met core learning goals and objectives.

Course Overview

The goal of the Instructional Competencies Project is to engage students experientially in their own learning. While the first competency focuses specifically on experiential learning, all the competencies employ experiential learning strategies. The competencies use the theme of a marathon as the backdrop for the course and as a metaphor to engage the students in course content and the learning process.