French Language Course (ISLET)

The French language course is designed to provide the college equivalent of 3-4 semesters of French language training. The course has a cultural orientation aspect where you will learn about the Senegalese culture. This course teaches primarily sub-Saharan French speaking and listening skills, along with some reading and writing.

What is ISLET?

The acronym ISLET (Integrated System for Language Education and Training) refers to a social language learning portal with integrated speech recognition and a Unity3D game. ISLET provides an immersive educational experience with aspects of cooperative, competitive and collaborative learning. ISLET is a sophisticated online system that integrates a language curriculum, community features, and a multi-player game to teach survival second language and cultural skills to military personnel. This research project is funded by the Office of Naval Research.

The following is a short video overview of the ISLET project: