Instructional Competencies III Project

ACGE is currently developing a unique, content-rich, online accessible learning repository as part of a series of e-learning initiatives undertaken by the U.S. Army's Staff and Faculty Development Division, (SFDD) at FT. Huachucha (AZ). This is ACGE's third contract for SFDD, which provides instructional materials for integration into face-to-face, online, and hybrid course instruction.

The learning repository consists of 17 lessons focusing on critical learning concepts and instructional theories. Each lesson includes an introductory video, a series of online "assignments," quizzes, and forums. The lesson design allows instructors to select a specific assignment, which can then be offered to students online in preparation for their learning in the face-to-face classroom. This model gives instructors the ability to create customized instruction using a hybrid learning model. The following is an example video produced by ACGE on the IC3 Project:

ACGE is also designing an App, which will provide users with a handy glossary of critical terms related to instructional and learning theory. The App will be accessible on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.